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Unlock Boot Loader of any Sony Xperia

What is meant by Unlocking Boot Loader?

When a computer starts up you can press a button like F2/F8/ESC key and enter to the BIOS menu (Boot menu). This is also a some kind of boot loader. For another example, if you have installed multiple operating systems in a single computer then a menu will be displayed at startup asking which OS to boot. This is also called a boot loader. In Android phones there is a similar boot menu. But this menu has been locked by default.

Why do we unlock boot loader?

  1. Unlocking boot loader is compulsory to root the phone.
  2. You can do factory OS back ups and restore from boot loader menu.
  3. You can install some fancy software tools.


    • Unlocking boot loader will void your warranty.
    • Phone will be subjected to a factory data reset. So you have to back up your data.

Hot to Unlock the boot loader?

Some devices doesn't support boot loader unlock. To check whether the boot loader can be unlocked in your device follow the following procedure.
  1. Go to number pad and dial *#*#7378423#*#*. This will take you to the service menu of your device.
  2. Go to Configuration menu. At the end of the list you will some thing like "Bootloader unlock status". You can unlock your boot loader if it is set to "Yes" only. 
  3. If boot loader unlock status is "No", unfortunately you cannot unlock the boot loader of your device. If it is set to "Yes" then continue.
  4. Procedure of unlocking boot loader of different models varies slightly. So that here onwards you have to follow the official guide of Sony. 
  5. Read carefully all the seeps and follow the guide. I have checked this procedure with Sony Xperia E3 Dual (D2212). If you follow the procedure accurately, then no need to worry. 
If you cannot find the link to download Android SDK use this link.

If you have any problems, feel free to put a comment. And don't forget to help us by a like and share this post among your friends.

Disclaimer: This guide has been fully tested with a Sony Xperia E3 Dual (D2212). But is not responsible of any damages that may happen to your device following this guide. 


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Root Sony Xperia E3 or E3 Dual

This guide is only valid for Sony Xperia E3 and Sony Xperia E3 Dual only. And this guide has been completely tested and succeeded with Sony Xperia E3 Dual (D2212).